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Excellent Article by Mark Sanborn – If you don’t know Mark, you need too.  If you are a planner you need to book Mark.  He is one of the best speakers you will ever hire.  This is just a sampling of his brilliant mind. Few things create a more vivid perception of an executive than his speaking ability. The higher execs rise in an organization, the more frequently they are called upon to address others. Ironically, little or no training is given hapless executives to develop this skill. If they... Read More

Product Expectations – Service

No One Mourns the Wicked by, Mary Kelly In Wicked, the musical, the Wicked Witch laments that no good deed goes unpunished. (If you haven’t seen it, Wicked is fabulous, and I promise not to ruin the story.) She isn’t the first to be upset when she does the Right Thing and her actions are portrayed another way. Her frustration is shared by many people in business. You do the Right Thing, but the action, product, or service provided is misconstrued, distorted, or misinterpreted. These failures to effectively communicate your message... Read More

Gina Schreck \ˈshrek\   1 : Social Media and Marketing Expert, Consultant and International Speaker on technology trends and using today's technology tools to connect and build relationships 2 : ranked as one of the top 50 women influencers on-line in FastCompany’s Influence project 3 : Founder @SocialKNX; authority on social businesses that engage and convert to sales 4 : host of two shows, “Gettin’ Geeky” and “SchreckTeck” ; authored 6 books, including “Gettin’ Geeky with Twitter” and “Connect Your Business with Today’s Social Consumer”     CATEGORIES Social Media... Read More

Byron Reese

Byron Reese /bī-rən/   1 : accomplished high-tech trailblazer, futurist, technologist, historian, inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, & eternal optimist 2 : former Chief Innovation Officer for Demand Media, a $1B media internet company which has patented a broad range of his work 3 : featured in Wired Magazine, Washington Post, & The Renegade Economist;  author of “Infinite Progress: How Technology Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War”; TEDx presenter, “Achieving Greatness Is A Choice” see:byron   His new book, “Infinite Progress: How the Internet and Technology Will End Ignorance, Disease,... Read More

Chris Bashinelli – Speaker

Chris Bashinelli /krēsⁿ/ 1 : Actor/Activist from Brooklyn whose TV career spans MTV to The Sopranos 2 : travels from Tanzania to Thailand hosting the TV Series premiering on PBS TV in 2013 3 : Published Writer for Huffington Post and Lonely Planet 4 : celebrated Emcee and Guest Speaker for the United Nations, at Jane Goodall’s National Leadership Retreat, and at events in Qatar, Rio de Janeiro, and Abu Dhabi, and presented with Stevie Wonder and Michael Douglas see:chris Chris Bashinelli is a TV Host, International Speaker, and Guest Author... Read More

Hiring a Dynamite Speaker

How to hire a dynamite speaker A speaker often makes or breaks an event. They can set the tone with new ideas, focus and enthusiasm. Whether you are looking for sales, marketing, branding, motivation, leadership, customer service or emerging trends that impact your business, a carefully-selected professional speaker will communicate the message successfully.   Important Factors   The WHY.  Identify your meeting goals. You should hire someone who will deliver the right message and leave your audience with inspiration and knowledge. What do you want your audience to walk away... Read More

Carey Lohrenze – Leadership

by, Carey Lohrenze Can you be confident, aggressive, and humble? Yes you can. Unfortunately, humility is often overlooked in leadership discussions. And yet it is one of the most powerful virtues. As one of the first female F-14 fighter pilots in the U.S. Navy, operating in one of the highest pressure most extreme environments imaginable, I can assure you that there was more testosterone, more ego and more confidence in one carrier-based fighter pilot ready room than in an NFL locker room. Hands down. There had to be. This wasn’t... Read More

Meeting Planners

The Nine Biggest Mistakes Meeting  Planners Make  By Debbie Taylor Planning any kind of event is a complex, time-consuming process, filled with potential pitfalls. All kinds of factors, big and small, can mean the difference between your meeting being an outstanding success or a dismal failure. As you’re planning your event, avoid these common mistakes. 1. Heighten Learning by Choosing the Right Meeting Room A sub-par environment diminishes the ability of your speakers to be effective and makes your attendees uncomfortable. Before you book the venue, scope out the room(s)... Read More

Colorado Speakers Bureau

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