Byron Reese /bī-rən/
1 : accomplished high-tech trailblazer, futurist, technologist, historian, inventor,
entrepreneur, philanthropist, & eternal optimist
2 : former Chief Innovation Officer for Demand Media, a $1B media internet company
which has patented a broad range of his work
3 : featured in Wired Magazine, Washington Post, & The Renegade Economist;  author
of “Infinite Progress: How Technology Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty,
and War”; TEDx presenter, “Achieving Greatness Is A Choice”

His new book, “Infinite  Progress: How the Internet and Technology Will End
Ignorance, Disease, Poverty, Hunger, and War”, explores the intersection of history,
technology and the future.
“The New Renaissance,” h+ magazine, April 9, 2012
“Byron Reese: Travel Provides a World of Inspiration,” Executive Travel Magazine,
July/Aug, 2012
“Predicting Unpredictable Events Forecasting Radical Change,” Foresight, The journal
of future studies, strategic thinking and policy;   Accepted for Publication

Byron Reese at TEDxAustin: Achieving Greatness Is A Choice

Byron Reese - Renegade Economist Talkshow

Byron Reese Listens to the Internet - 2011 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

Byron Reese - Greatness is a decision

Byron Reese - The Great Disconnect
Byron’s inspiring and thought-provoking talks explore how future technological
advances will improve society and humanity at large.
Can you imagine a world without poverty? Disease? Famine? Ignorance? War? A world
where Mercedes cost $50, where unemployment does not exist and each human’s creative
talent is realized beyond measure? “We already well on our way,” says Byron.
Reese shares his technological vision for solving many of our global challenges.
“The new challenge for humanity will not be how to chip away at the old problems,”
says Byron, “but what to do in a world where we can do anything.”
Addressing audiences across the globe, Byron brings great enthusiasm and talent for
deciphering our common destiny.
Most popular titles:
- The Coming Golden Age of Humanity
- How Technology is Changing Us
- Big Data and the Perfectibility of Humanity
- Greatness: How To Change The World for Centuries to Come
“Byron presents his vision of the future: humanity advancing subconsciously via our
seamless integration with technology. Every heartbeat becomes a data point bringing
us one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of humankind. Every person’s life
contributes to the greater good, simply through the act of living. I found his talk
to be highly enthusiastic, visually engaging, and hopeful.”
Alison Kawa, Founder of Social Sonar, Crowd Conference Attendee, November 6, 2012
Byron’s new book, “Infinite Progress: How  the Internet and Technology Will End
Ignorance, Disease, Poverty, Hunger, and War”, is an effective tool to support
Byron’s messages.
For years we've been inundated with bleak forecasts about the future. But in this
electrifying new book, author Byron Reese debunks the pessimistic outlook as
dangerous, and shows instead how technology will soon create a dramatically better
world for every person on earth, beyond anything we have dared to imagine.
With the art of a storyteller, Reese synthesizes history, technology, and sociology
into an exciting, fast-moving narrative that shows how technological change has had
dramatic effects on humanity in the past. He then looks forward at the technological
changes we know are coming--from genetics, nanotechnology, robotics, and many other
fields--and explores how they will vastly increase wealth, prolong our lifespans,
redefine human rights, and alter the social fabric of the world.
Reese explains how the Internet, human ingenuity, and technological innovation will
help us forever end the five historic plagues of human existence: ignorance,
disease, poverty, hunger, and war. With a rational and researched optimism, Reese
sees the future not as a world in a downward spiral, but as destined for progress
beyond our imaginations.

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