Chris Bashinelli /krēsⁿ/
1 : Actor/Activist from Brooklyn whose TV career spans MTV to The Sopranos
2 : travels from Tanzania to Thailand hosting the TV Series premiering on PBS TV in
3 : Published Writer for Huffington Post and Lonely Planet
4 : celebrated Emcee and Guest Speaker for the United Nations, at Jane Goodall’s
National Leadership Retreat, and at events in Qatar, Rio de Janeiro, and Abu Dhabi,
and presented with Stevie Wonder and Michael Douglas

Chris Bashinelli is a TV Host, International Speaker, and Guest Author from Brooklyn
whose decade-long television career spans MTV to HBO to PBS. 
Chris is a National Geographic Young Explorer, Eagle Scout, International Speaker
(TEDx), and Emcee at the  United Nations.

He traverses the globe from Tanzania to Thailand as Host and Executive Producer of
the Bridge The Gap, a new TV show (premiering on PBS TV later this year) where he
discovers what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes for one day.

He's interviewed some of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People on the planet,
and at 26 years old, has become the United Nations Go-To-Kid for all things youth,
Brooklyn, and cultural exchange.

Chris' passion and charisma have made him a celebrated speaker and emcee at home and
“What do you want people to remember about you?” I ask. He replies, “It ain’t me I
want you to remember. It’s my people. . . read more

Tucked within Indonesia’s ferociously powerful waves, lies a unique surfing
experience that will bring mile-long smiles to beginners and intermediate surfers
alike. It’s not your typical Balinese wave. . . read more


Bridge the Gap to Pine Ridge premieres at the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC All Roads Film
Festival in Washington, DC. . . read more

Dr. Jane Goodall, the world-famous primatologist, likes Chris Bashinelli.
We think you will too. . . read more

Speaker at the United Nations, actor in “The Sopranos”, TV Host, writer and
Eagle Scout- this is Chris Bashinelli’s resume at 25 years old. “Bash” visited. . .
read more


Bashinelli shares exhilarating and often hilarious stories from his travels that
explore cultural identity and life in the developing world.

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP – From Brooklyn to Africa
A Guide to Unleashing your Potential & Contributing to Humanity
Corporate: Sales, Service, Leadership, CSR, Diversity

How can a kid from Brooklyn attract over six figures in sponsorships from companies
like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and create a TV show for PBS? Join this expedition from
the slums of Haiti to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro to push your boundaries of what's
possible in business and in life. Colored with engaging audience participation and
jaw-dropping footage, Bash shares how we can unleash our potential by adopting an
unwavering commitment to serve others.
The 3 Simple Steps for Connecting with the “Other”
Corporate: Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural Awareness, Conflict Resolution
What does it mean to respect people no matter where they come from, what nationality
they are, or how they treat you? Chris grew up in Brooklyn, with the world on his
stoop. His friends were Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Korean, Irish, Italian, Russian,
and Puerto Rican - to name a few. By finding our “stoop”, or place of common
ground”- be it a Mongolian wrestling dojo or a South Dakota Ranch-  we can
strengthen any relationship. Join Bash on this interpersonal expedition to “stoops”
around the world.
The Key to Unlocking Your Soul’s Compass
Corporate: Sales, Service, Leadership, CSR, Diversity
Chris has harvested Buffalo with Native Americans in Pine Ridge, lived as a nomad in
Mongolia, escaped from venomous Uganda and worked side by side with individuals from
countless corners of the Earth. By walking in other people’s shoes we begin to
understand- from understanding comes respect- only then can we begin to create
change wherever we are in the world. Whether it’s gutting fish in Abu Dhabi, talking
relationships with taxi drivers in Thailand, or looking for clean drinking water in
Haiti, these stories of cultural exchange present a new way of looking at the world
in which we live.
Life Lessons for Ignoring the “Noise” and Discovering your Passion
University: Empowerment, Inspiration, Direction, Cultural Exchange, Social Change

Have you ever been uncertain of your life's direction after graduation? Actor, PBS
TV Host, and UN Speaker, Chris Bashinelli, shares concrete examples colored by
international adventures that help us ignore the noise and find meaning in our
lives. At 20 years old Chris gave up his acting career, moved to Tanzania and
discovered his true calling. How can I create a TV Show? How can I raise money for
my mission? How can I be sure this is my path? Bash can’t give you the answer, but
he’ll give you a very good start.

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