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Hiring The Right Entertainment

The wrong entertainment can ruin an event and, worse yet, project the wrong image about your organization. The right entertainment creates excitement among participants and a favorable impression about your company or non-profit.

How do you tell right from wrong when booking entertainment? The more you know – both about your event and the talent available – the better off you will be.

1. What is your objective?

What do you want your event to say about your organization? Do you want to come across as cutting-edge and daring, or is a more conservative image more appropriate? Choose entertainment that reflects the right image for your company.

2. Who is in your audience?

Is your audience young, older or a combination? Is it mostly men or women? Will couples be attending, or will you be hosting a crowd of co-workers? Do you want to book an act that will encourage dancing? Will people be relaxed and in a partying mood, or will they be more sedate and professional?

3. Do you have a theme?

A 50’s sock hop or a disco ball can be a lot of fun, but your audience may not want to listen to 50’s music or disco for the entire night. Pick an event theme that is broad enough to accommodate entertainment that appeals to a wide range of tastes. Use décor to create your theme. Better yet, select the perfect entertainment first and build a theme around it.

4. What is your budget?

Entertainment can run as little as $1,500 for a local act, to well over

$1 million and the sky is the limit for nationally-known talent. Many national acts don’t want to perform for a private audience and they can quote more for a private event then a public event. Don’t waste time pursuing entertainment that you can’t afford. Set a budget to narrow your choices.

5. Production costs

You may be able to afford the talent, but can you afford the cost to produce the show? Many people overlook or may not be made aware of additional expenses associated with lighting, sound system rentals, union regulations, insurance, overtime fees, and stages when they book an act. National Acts all have a Rider and full filling that rider can cost as much as the fee. Make sure you know all your production costs and budget accordingly.

6. Should you work with a pro

An entertainment agency is often the fastest – and most economical – source for entertainment for an event. They are working for you and can quickly connect you to the best acts in the business and help you choose entertainment that will be right for your event. Look for someone with experience booking national acts have the expertise necessary to negotiate contracts and, even more importantly, hospitality and performance riders. They can make sure you don’t end up paying for non-essential or duplicated expenses. Ask who they have booked the past, so you have an idea of their experience.

Some of the many amazing bands Taylor Made Events & Speakers has booked include: Train, Styx, The Fray, ect…..


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